A serial

with a passion for fitness and nutrition
About Brandi

“Brandi is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and nutrition. Brandi started her career in the U.S. Army at the age of 17. Where she would spend 10 years in active duty and reserve status. Brandi went on to corporate america as a corporate tax accountant within large multinational corporations. In a effort to seek out her true passion she sought out opportunities to find a new hobby. The hobby she discovered was being an eyelash extension specialist. She has helped hundreds of women change their lives. On the journey of working with women to improve their lash businesses and working on actual eyelash extension clients she found her personal trainer. Her personal trainer taught her about weight lifting and body building and she was instantly hooked. She immediately realized fitness was the piece of the puzzle she was missing. Through her journey she realized she needed more energy and the ability to think clearly, and fitness satisfied those needs. She is now on a mission to introduce fitness and nutrition to as many women as she can. She is committed to teaching women discipline and balance as it relates to their overall health. Hopefully, you will be as inspired by her journey as the many women she has helped improved their lives through fitness.”